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Lets talk about health and nutrition –

I’ve been working out 3-5 times a week for a little over a year now, but realized what you put into your body is so much more important than what you try to sweat out at the gym. After doing an extensive amount of research I came across a nutrition plan that worked for me and decided to go vegan! Starting a new diet was challenging on its own but what I found the hardest was what to eat when I’m on the go? looking up recipes online and making dinner sounds great around 6PM but what about the early mornings when I’m rushing out the door with zero intentions of making breakfast?!

I started talking to my friends about it and was recommended by a friend to try out 310 Nutrition. Basically, 310 specializes in meal replacements, juices and detox teas. Their protien shakes (meal replacement meals) are plant based, filled with tons of fiber,vitamins,minerals,probiotics, superfoods and so much more at only 90 calories! They have over 6 flavors (Chocolate mint,Mocha,salted caramel, and strawberry) and each serving size comes in its own packaging making it extremely convenient to travel with. I stash mine in my glove department and every morning I gram one, mix it with water and within 10 seconds I have my breakfast ready to go. Guys its so easy I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it. Same thing goes for the juice packets. I used to be a huge Diet Coke fan but after starting my new lifestyle that was one of the first things to go. Drinking water and only water has never been challenging for me but I still get cravings for something more flavorful. Regular juices are just as bad as having a can of Diet Coke as far as the sugar intake. Well, Guess what? 310 Nutrition has just the fix for only 10 calories!!! With 70+ health boosting superfoods, enzymes, probiotic and so much more that I could list I didn’t have to think twice about it. Again, I’m constantly on the run and on most days forget to stop and fuel my body. Coming across a vegan meal replacement company that actually cares about what you put into your body was such a blessing, making me work smarter not harder has been a life changer!

If you guys are interested in trying them. they are super affordable and have packages that allow you to try the products before fully committing to it. I’ll leave my little discount code which gives you free shipping! Saving that last few dollars never hurt anybody, right?

Let me know what you guys think!

xo- Nikki

310 Nutrition Discount Code: 310NIKKIX

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